Israeli Company that are looking for help to enter the Swedish/Nordic Market

About Wasteless

Founded in 2016, Wasteless provides an all-in-one solution to reduce food waste and increase perishable food profit by dynamically pricing items with a shorter expiration date at their optimal price point. Wasteless’ mission is to reduce food waste in retail by 80% by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and pricing solutions. The company has offices in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and New York.

The company Wasteless increases a supermarket’s bottom line by optimizing markdowns based on expiry dates, resulting in reduced food waste. Customers are rewarded for sustainable consumption behavior, as they’re incentivized to buy a product with a shorter expiration date rather than the item with a longer shelf life. This lunch time you’re in your local supermarket to pick up your favourite salad. One expires tomorrow. The other in three days. Which date will you pick, to eat in 10 minutes? Retailers with Wasteless dynamic markdowns, incentivize you with optimal mark downs, to buy fresh food for less. Food Retail’s turn-key food waste reduction solution increases a grocer’s bottom line, making fresh food cheaper, and preventing food waste, the most impactful solution to reducing GHGs. And of course there’s our YouTube channel, of which I’d specifically want to point out this intro as well as high level this technical explanation.