With an ecosystem allowing hundreds of start-ups to be launched every year and thousands of existing start-ups, Israel is an emerging market for outsourcing solutions to game development services in the country.

The game developers in Israel are highly skilled, and with inflowing venture capital, have the resources to deliver high quality. With the advent of smartphones and the growing demand for entertaining and engaging games, a huge market has emerged ready to be catered with new, trending, and interactive gaming. With the right game development team by your side, you can harness the potential of this market. To choose from, here is a list of the best game development companies in Israel which is prepared just for you.


Argentics – Game Development and Art Production Outsourcing- offer top-notch end-to-end Game Development and Game Art Outsourcing services.


Aalpha Information Systems is the global pioneer –provides custom development solutions across Software Development, Mobile Phone Application Development, Responsive Web Design, and Web App Development Services.


DINO-tech solutions– Dino Tech believes that a good project starts with a detailed specification that leaves no stone unturned: planning the user and managing interfaces, software development, and of course a thorough QA – a perfectionist`s favorite.


Smartexe – Leading software development company

a global R&D company, with offices in Israel – creates effective web solutions for businesses and startups, a technical partner, helps to diversify your business and implement modern solutions that help to save time and money.


Appreal – A VR & AR TECHNOLOGY INNOVATOR – an outsourcing development software company, that offers software development services for companies and individuals who wish to outsource their development. AppReal-VR specializes in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


Whaleapp LTD – Whaleapp is a developer and publisher of social entertainment applications. We work mainly in the mobile market, but not exclusively.


Nokobot – Game development – An Indie Game Development studio. Nokobot

Creats Standalone and Online Games for PC and Mobile, as well as VR/AR content.


Contact: Kavitha. S, Trade Officer@ kavithas@israeltrade.gov.il