Adopting Israeli clean-tech solutions vital to solving global energy challenges


Rapid global technological improvements and the desire to decrease the costs of energy resources, along with the increased uptake of smart energy and renewable energies have pushed countries to think of innovative ways to power their cities with more clean and sustainable energy.

Additionally, climate change is presently one of the biggest challenges ever faced by human social, political, and economic systems. Its impacts are visible now, with the rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and biodiversity losses we have experienced these last years. Their severity could increase exponentially in the absence of bold responses. At stake is the survival of humankind. Thus the sooner the world adapts to clean-tech solutions the better for the environment and future generations as well.

Today, approximately 400 companies operate in Israel in the field of clean-tech and green construction, and in recent years Israeli industry has been behind a series of groundbreaking technologies in the field – including air conditioning efficiency, economical lighting, energy management, electricity monitoring, and more.

The following are some of the companies offering clean-tech solutions that can be key game changers in addressing global energy challenges.



An Israeli startup company that has developed an Artificial Intelligence platform for advanced electricity management over a distributed grid. In the past 3 years, FSIGHT has installed its distributed energy management products at dozens of leading utility sites around the globe. FSIGHT’s central product is Energy AI, the first-ever fully automated solution for smart distributed energy management. The Energy AI platform saves energy costs by optimizing energy flow for end users, service providers, and grid operators. Energy-AI predicts energy usage, production, and prices, makes real-time consumption and storage decisions, and performs peer-to-peer or peer-to-grid energy trading.



A technological utility company specializing in supplying thermosolar-derived hot water for shared multiuser systems, such as high-rise residential buildings. The company develops easy-to-install IoT devices that convert any type of thermosolar systems to intelligent ones. Sowillo’s systems are fundamentally different from existing solutions in that they can change their configurations to achieve optimal performance at all times, including supplying different amounts of energy to different users; performing predictive maintenance, such as finding anomalies in system behavior; and detecting underproduction due to dirty collectors, lime scale, and insulation degradation.



Is democratizing the energy industry by dramatically reducing the cost, time, and expertise required to develop and operate renewable energy microgrid systems. Brightmergeoffers a performance optimization platform using a proprietary decision-making solution that automates many of the functions currently being done manually. For Real Estate Owners and Energy Project Developers, Brightmerge offers a cloud-based, automated data collection decision-making solution for rapid deployment of Microgrids – Better budgeting, lower emission, and better ROI.-



Is a provider of advanced solutions that optimize the energy and operational performance of commercial and industrial buildings and facilities. The innovative cloud-based platform that is easy, fast, and cost-efficient to deploy, delivering immediate savings for an accelerated ROI. The result is significant reductions in downtime, equipment degradation and maintenance costs, accompanied by improved system reliability, increased energy savings, enhanced occupant productivity, and comfort. OptiNerg is an innovative cloud-based platform that combines machine learning algorithms, big data analytics, and Building Internet of Things (BIoT) technology and devices. Through this unique combination, the platform collects data from equipment-level controllers and sensors and applies advanced machine-learning algorithms to extract actionable insights. Based on these insights, the platform then automatically and dynamically adjusts the parameters of the building’s or facility’s electro-mechanical systems in real-time.


Blog by Polycarp Otienon, Nairobi Economic & Trade Mission